Shakhimardan is a picturesque place of Uzbekistan that is situated 55 km to the south from Ferghana. This settlement sits at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level in the Alay mountain ridges. There are two mountain rivers Ok-su and Kok-su, that merge "Shakhimardansay".An interesting fact that in order to reach this settlement from Ferghana one have to cross this river seven times.Shakhimardan

 In 1930, as a result of handing over the territory of Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan, Shakhimardan became the part of Uzbekistan. That's why on the way to Shakhimardan one have to pass 12 km of Kadamjai district of Kyrgyzstan. The history of Shakhimardan is linked with Hazrat Ali-who was the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad and the fourth Caliph. As they say Hazrat Ali visited Shakhimardan settlement and one of his seven graves is possibly situated in this settlement. In Persian Shakhimardan stands for "The Commander of People" which coincides with the name of Hazrat Ali. In 1920s there was Hazrat Ali Mosque and Mausoleum in the centre of Shakhimardan. But during Soviet Power period it was destroyed. And only after the independence of Uzbekistan in 1993 the Mausoleum of Hazrat Ali was built anew at the same place and its exterior had the same shape.

Shakhimardan during certain period was known as Khamza-Abad, named so in honour of Khamza Khahimzade Niyazi - the poet and the Shakhimardanfounder of the Uzbek dramatic art. Khamza made a large contribution to the development of the Uzbek poetry, and he devoted his life to the idea of public education. Because of his progressive opinion, Khamza had a lot of enemies among fundamental Islamists. In March of 1929 Khamza at age of 40 was killed in Shakhimardan settlement.

In 1960s in his honour the Khamza mausoleum and the museum were built, and in 1989 during the celebration of his 100 (th) birthday a new museum was built and the monument devoted to that talented man opened too.

7 km to the south-east from Shakhimardan, Kullikubon (or Blue Lake) is situated. It arose after a series of big magnitude earthquakes in 1766. The Lake is situated at an altitude of 1724 m above the sea level. The Lake is 170m long, 60m wide, 5-10 m deep. In summer the water temperature rises up to +10+15 degrees Centigrade. A two km funicular way leads to the Lake. Kulikubon Lake is a beautiful place of nature, and it is favourite place for recreation of many inhabitants and guests of the Ferghana Valley.